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Artifact ID: 364fd478dba2a18956129a78bbdcc8a3e021629b
Page Name:Straight
Date: 2015-07-19 19:00:12
Original User: mwm
Parent: 31dc253f7f7be8b4298378b0bdde1b516fce89e0

Straight - a deviationTx switch/source fixer

Still pre-release, double check the output.

--help for usage. See the test config file for docs on what it should look like.. 

Installation: download binaries from forums (link to be provided).

If you really want to install from sources: 

  1. Download and install stack.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Clone the inilist repository into a directory next to the one you cloned this one in.
  4. In the inilist repository, do stack build. Follow the instructions until that succeeds.
  5. In this repository, do stack install. Again, follow the instructions until that succeeds. It should tell you where it put the binary.