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On setting up a new home network recently, I went looking for log file processors and was surprised when I couldn't find one that was sufficintly flexible to generate a number of different report types (i.e. - event counters, most frequent events, exception reports, etc.). So I wrote proclog. The version here represents the second implementation of the same basic idea.


System Requirements

Python 2.4. It may work with earlier pythons, but hasn't been used with them.


Put the extracted tarball wherever you're comfortable with it. Symlink to a directory in the path as "proclog".

Copy proclog.conf to /usr/local/etc/proclog.conf, and edit as appropriate. Invoke proclog --doc for information on what's in the proclog.conf file. At a minimum, you'll need to change the command/file entries to reference your log files for the previous day, and the network addresses to reference your network. You probably want to change all the except values to be None or 0 initially. Finally, change the proclog entry to include the reports you want to run.