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# Introduction

On setting up a new home network recently, I went looking for log file
processors and was surprised when I couldn't find one that was
sufficintly flexible to generate a number of different report types
(i.e. - event counters, most frequent events, exception reports,
etc.). So I wrote proclog. The version here represents the second
implementation of the same basic idea.

# Details

## System Requirements

Python 2.4. It may work with earlier pythons, but hasn't been used
with them.

## Installation

Put the extracted tarball wherever you're comfortable with it. Symlink to a directory in the path as "proclog".

Copy proclog.conf to `/usr/local/etc/proclog.conf`, and edit as
appropriate. Invoke `proclog --doc` for information on what's in the
proclog.conf file. At a minimum, you'll need to change the
command/file entries to reference your log files for the previous day,
and the network addresses to reference your network. You probably want
to change all the `except` values to be `None` or `0` initially. Finally,
change the `proclog` entry to include the reports you want to run.
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