config Module



(require iup/config)
CHICKEN (require-extension iup-config)

Configuration file support.

Configuration Component

(config #:<name> <value> ...) → ihandle?

Creates an application configuration component.

(config-load! [handle ihandle?]) → void?

Determines the location of an application configuration file and loads its settings into the component.

(config-save! [handle ihandle?]) → void?

Saves the settings from a configuration component into the backing file.

Configured Dialog Positions

(config-dialog-show [handle ihandle?] [dialog ihandle?] [section string?]) → void?

Given a configuration component and a dialog, the dialog is shown with its configured screen position and size as specified in the indicated configuration section.

(config-dialog-update! [handle ihandle?] [dialog ihandle?] [section string?]) → void?

Stores the screen position and size of a dialog in the indicated section of the configuration component.

Configured Recent Files

(config-recent-menu [handle ihandle?] [max-recent integer?] #:<name> <value> ...) → ihandle?

Creates a menu that is synchronized with a list of recently used files maintained in a configuration section. The menu may have an action callback that is triggered whenever a recently used item is selected.

(config-recent-update! [handle ihandle?] [path string?]) → void?

Updates the list of recently used files, marking the given path as the most recently used item.