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<h1>System Error Status Binding</h1>


<code>(import (system errno))</code>

Access the system error status through [|errno(3)] or [|GetLastError].


<h3>condition: <code>&errno</code></h3>
<h3>procedure: <code>(errno-condition? <i>any</i>)</code></h3>
<h3>procedure: <code>(make-errno-condition <i>errno</i>)</code></h3>
<h3>procedure: <code>(condition-errno <i>condition</i>)</code></h3>

The <tt>&errno</tt> condition type is derived from <tt>&condition</tt> and stores a numeric error code that may be extracted using <tt>condition-errno</tt>.

<h3>parameter: <code>current-errno-condition</code></h3>

When queried, the parameter returns a composite condition with the types <tt>&errno</tt> and <tt>&message</tt> that contains the current system error status and a human-readable string describing the status.

When set, the parameter sets the system error status to the <tt>condition-errno</tt> of the condition object that was passed in.


<h3>parameter: <code>current-errno</code></h3>

The current numeric system error status.

<h3>procedure: <code>(errno->string <i>errno</i>)</code></h3>

Returns a human-readable description of a system error status.

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