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<h1>Base32 Encoding</h1>


<code>(import (data base32))</code>

Encoding and decoding of binary data in [|Base32] format.


<h3>procedure: <code>(base32-encode <i>bytevector</i>)</code></h3>
<h3>procedure: <code>(base32-encode <i>bytevector</i> <i>padding?</i>)</code></h3>

Encodes the given bytevector into a string. Without options, the result has no padding. If the padding option is given and true, the output may be terminated by "=" characters unless the input length is a multiple of eight.

<h3>procedure: <code>(base32-encode <i>string</i>)</code></h3>

Decodes the given string into a bytevector. Ignores any number of padding characters at the end of the input.

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