Easy Builder

Many times we run into situations in which we don't have all the administrative privileges, but we need to be able to install software. Much of this software requires dependencies as well. A lot of the "normal" package systems assume that you can run as root, and make installing software as a user very challenging. Easy Builder strives to enable you to easily install things, while allowing you to manage the dependencies on their own.


To run Easy Builder, we first need to get a build of a tool called Megatest. This is what will run the flows that you setup for each tool.


Once you have megatest working, you just need to modify the runconfigs.config file. You would add a section for the platform and revision that you are running. It might look something like this:


MT_BUILD_PREFIX /path/to/tools/

PROXY_SCRIPT /path/to/proxy/script

This tells Easy Builder where you want the root of your tool installs to be, and allows you to provide a script to handle a proxy (if needed).

Once you have your config file setup, you could do something like:

megatest -target build/r0.1/sles11/dev -runname sles11-r0.1-1 -run -testpatt megatest_build

This would build megatest, and all it's dependencies, in MT_BUILD_PREFIX.