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Vandaag is dutch for today. This program is a simple ToDo managing program. You can make tasks, categorised by projects. You can set when they are due to be completed and you can make a list of what you want to do today. When done, you can mark de task as done and it will disappear from the list.

The prequisite is Python 2.7. I have not made this compatible with Python3, yet.
It's only tested on Linux, so I don't know if and how it would work in Windows.

For installation, simply run setup:

$ python install

You usually need to be root, so you might want to add sudo to that:

$ sudo python install 

The first time you run the program, it will create a sqlite file in your user's homedirectory called .vandaag.sqlite. This will be the storage for the program and by default hidden for the OS.

You can immediately start using the program. 
The syntax is like:

$ vandaag [command] <arg1> <arg2> ...

The args are usually optional.

To get the list of commands, type:

$ vandaag help

You can see what a certain command is for by using the help command with the command as argument. For instance to get help for the '+proj' command, type:

vandaag help +proj

==Example of use==
Before you can make tasks, you could make a project first:

$ vandaag +proj MyFirsProject

Make a task:

vandaag +task MyfirstProject Test the program vandaag

It will make a task called "Test the program vandaag" in the project MyFirstProject.
You can see a list of all unfinisched tasks by:

$ vandaag tasks
  Id  Description                 Due
----  -------------------------  -----
   1  Test the program vandaag     ?

You can put this task on today's todo list by using it's id:

$ vandaag +today 1

Or tomorrow by:
$ vandaag +tomorrow 1

You can see the list of all tasks set for today by:
$ vandaag
Id  Project    Description                Due
----  ---------  -----------------------  -----
   1  gbrowse    Create Brassica gbrowse      ?