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50 timeline items occurring on or before 2013-04-14 10:46:15.

[6402597f91] Added support for launching applications via key bindings. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[f2ef7cdaeb] Bumping up version number to 0.1.7 and tagging as v0.1.7. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x, v0.1.7)
[f7d7145b4f] In the previous merge, forgot to update the hooks list with details about the A-F4 key binding for killing windows. So, had to switch back to the dev1.x branch, add the relevant documentation, and then merge to rel1.x again prior to the 0.1.7 release. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[6a7820dfef] Documented default key binding for killing windows. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[a77b60d09b] Updated home page, release notes, and changelog for version 0.1.7. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[8ea4412bae] Merged from dev1.x to rel1.x in preparation for release of version 0.1.7.    This commit also adds the updated API documentation for the stuff that changed. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[f6bbf20f61] Added support for WM_DELETE_WINDOW protocol for killing windows. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[f9266c9f37] Added Doxygen comments. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[7b249f468b] Preliminary version of window killing support.    TODO:    • Check for and use WM_DELETE_WINDOW protocol if supported. • Add Doxygen comments for new code. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[ef108d4645] Added a step to the release process to ensure against forgetting to update the embedded doc paths from ckout to rel1.x. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[defde8c2a2] Updated paths to embedded documentation from ckout to rel1.x. Forgot to do this before the [ccdac4aaac|previous commit], which then was mistakenly tagged as v0.1.6 for the release.    This check-in marks the release of version 0.1.6. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x, v0.1.6)
14:27 • Edit [ccdac4aaac0af8da|ccdac4aaac]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mvnathan)
14:27 • Edit [ccdac4aaac0af8da|ccdac4aaac]: Cancel tag "v0.1.6". (user: mvnathan)
[ccdac4aaac] • Updated news section of home page, release notes, and changelog for version 0.1.6. • Bumped up version number to 0.1.6. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[240004ffb3] Updated API documentation on release branch prior to releasing version 0.1.6. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[47bdcddb0d] Merged from dev1.x in preparation of release of version 0.1.6. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[4d31115cf7] • Fixed minxlib::keymap so its Doxygen documentation will be generated. • Added link to minxlib::keymap documentation on Doxygen main page. • Added _minxlib to grp_* labels for minxlib::event and minxlib::exception. Fixed reference in minxlib::display to use new label. • Added table showing mapping between minxlib and Xlib names for minxlib::protocol_error::failed_request_reason enum. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[aebd97de46] Updated design notes with brief description of minxlib::keymap. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[3e66dc5c33] Updated Build and Test HOWTO: F1 is no longer the focus cycling key binding. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[7b20fa1faf] Added a Key Bindings HOWTO and updated other related docs as required. Pretty much ready to release 0.1.6 now... (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[0074d5e1cd] • Added a FAQ about key bindings. • Added default key bindings to the hooks list. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[5774edf933] Added support for removing as well as renaming existing hooks. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[9a8c27eacb] Documented minx.core.wm.focus_next() and focus_prev(). (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[7a3edcd1c4] Ignore lock modifiers when translating key events to key bindings. Otherwise, the modifier mask used to setup key bindings will differ from the one received with key events, which messes up the key binding look-up in minxlib/keymap.cc.    For example, if Num Lock is configured as Mod2, all key events will reported with Mod2 set in case Num Lock is on. Thus, simple F1 presses will be reported and interpreted as Mod2 + F1. If there's no such key binding, Minx will ignore it; if there is such a key binding, Minx will end up executing the wrong function!    This commit solves the problem described above. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[4aac700f62] • Moved focus cycling code from xevents to wm. • Removed hard-coded F1 for focus cycling.    TODO: Document minx.core.wm.focus_next() and focus_prev(). (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[cee77eb8a8] Added support for ALT and META in key binding specification. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[5b6e50d49a] Updated API documentation to redress the deficiency pointed out in the [afb577d64d|previous commit's] log message. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[afb577d64d] Added support for key bindings. With just a little more rearranging (as recorded in wiki/todo.wiki), we should be pretty much ready to release version 0.1.6.    NOTE: Code is in sore need of documentation; many functions have none and, even worse, some of it is downright wrong! (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[45c8645a94] • Updated changelog and release notes for version 0.1.5. • Updated home page for version 0.1.5. • Bumped up version number to 0.1.5.    Tagging the release as v0.1.5. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x, v0.1.5)
[e33d5df56f] Updated embedded documentation paths from ckout to rel1.x. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[da1c34003c] Updated API documentation for version 0.1.5. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[c3a3c6c8d1] Merged [bca46583e9|bug fix] from development branch prior to release of version 0.1.5. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[bca46583e9] Caught a serious bug in pre-release testing for v0.1.5: minxlib::window::properties() should always return a map containing the "name", "icon_name", "class", and "res_name" keys. If the window in question is missing any of these properties, the value corresponding to that key should be an empty string; however, the key should always be present.    Otherwise, end-user code will fail if it doesn't check for the existence of these keys in the dictionary returned by the properties() method or fails to handle the resulting KeyError.    The problem became apparent when launching an XFCE Terminal, which creates hidden top-level windows without the above properties. The end-user manage_hook then bombs out when it examines the properties map for these hidden windows. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[c68f9265d0] Merged from dev1.x branch in preparation for release of version 0.1.5. (user: mvnathan, tags: rel1.x)
[808704c65d] Corrected hooks related code snippets (have to define the hook function before passing to minx.core.hooks.hooks.add()). (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[06f296c892] • Added HOWTO for hooks and a page documenting currently supported hooks. • Updated home page to include links to above documentation. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[59835ff323] Updated Doxygen documentation for the minx.core.hooks module so that all the classes in it are grouped together properly. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[665ddfdc58] Updated build and logging HOWTO's and design notes to keep up with latest developments. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[a16d54c577] Minor updates to documentation. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[ba02d23032] Updated Fossil question. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[cd709cb36d] Added a question briefly describing Minx's support for customization via hooks. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[12928f69de] Updated simple customization question. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[3c2c6cd929] Went back from 80 columns to 72 because that's easier to edit and is more readable in vi in an 80-column terminal window. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[7dfd6372d0] • Added minxlib::window::properties() to return WM_NAME, WM_ICON_NAME, and WM_CLASS window properties via an STL map (which gets converted to a Python dict when passed back to Minx's Python core). • Souped up the documentation of some of the stuff in the minxlib/window module. • Added a converter in minxlib/python.hh to convert STL maps to Python dicts. • Updated TODO list for version 0.1.5. Now, only documentation tasks remain for the release... (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
03:18 • Edit [f5eb497218c94b12|f5eb497218]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mvnathan)
[817c3d7310] Split monolithic minx.core.wm constructor into smaller functions to allow end-users to setup their hooks before starting the window manager. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[34f1184f36] Added support for short-circuiting hooks. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[f5eb497218] Added ability to query minx.core.hooks for min, max, and default hook priorities and restricted piority range to [1, 100]. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[52569018ac] • Added ability to send arbitrary number of arguments to minx.core.hooks.hooks.trigger(). • Added logging to and updated documentation in minx.core.hooks module. • Updated TODO list. (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)
[ab8ff22e20] Reworked minx.core.hooks.hooks.trigger() to return a list of just the hook return values rather than a list of pairs containing both the hook itself and its return value. It's not clear that we actually need the hook functions to be returned and having just the return values on hand seems more than enough (at least for now). (user: mvnathan, tags: dev1.x)