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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

21:30 • Updated changelog, release notes, home page, and version. • Tagged as v0.2.0. Leaf check-in: 006f915258 user: manuv tags: rel1.x, v0.2.0
12:48 Released version 0.1.9, which has support for forcibly killing applications that claim to support the WM_DELETE_WINDOW protocol but botch it. check-in: 797b95bcc3 user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.9
11:45 Updated changelog, release notes, home page, and version number for 0.1.8 and tagged. check-in: 19551c698b user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.8
07:25 Bumping up version number to 0.1.7 and tagging as v0.1.7. check-in: f2ef7cdaeb user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.7
14:30 Updated paths to embedded documentation from ckout to rel1.x. Forgot to do this before the [ccdac4aaac|previous commit], which then was mistakenly tagged as v0.1.6 for the release.    This check-in marks the release of version 0.1.6. check-in: defde8c2a2 user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.6
03:34 • Updated changelog and release notes for version 0.1.5. • Updated home page for version 0.1.5. • Bumped up version number to 0.1.5.    Tagging the release as v0.1.5. check-in: 45c8645a94 user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.5
04:18 • Updated changelog, release notes, and home page for version 0.1.4. • Bumped up version number to 0.1.4 and tagging as v0.1.4. check-in: b3ec43b293 user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.4
01:03 Updated version number to 0.1.3 and tagged rel1.x branch as v0.1.3. check-in: 53b2796e0e user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.3
14:37 Updated version number to 0.1.2 and tagged rel1.x branch as v0.1.2. check-in: 561f550d43 user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.2
09:34 Updated version number to 0.1.1 and tagged as v0.1.1. check-in: 0f94c53446 user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.1
08:02 Updated version number to 0.1.0. This is it; should be ready now to tag and, thereby, formalize the release... check-in: a7c80f429f user: mvnathan tags: rel1.x, v0.1.0