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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

11:58 Fix flattr button. check-in: 1d4460d297 user: necrophcodr tags: static, v1.1.2
14:48 Fix missing email link. Fix missing colon. check-in: 6314ef9cbd user: necrophcodr tags: static, v1.1.1
10:35 Tupfile: Generate distribution tarball. check-in: 9ef62a7e8d user: necrophcodr tags: static, v1.1
17:42 Merge changes from develop. This concludes the development version of this site. It is now considered complete. Development however will not stop, but this is the first release. check-in: e56b640506 user: necrophcodr tags: trunk, v1.0
18:58 Merge fix from develop. check-in: ec224b57c4 user: necrophcodr tags: trunk, v0.4.1
18:44 Merge changes from develop. check-in: 6022e3adb0 user: necrophcodr tags: trunk, v0.4
20:26 Merge latest changes from develop. check-in: 8e4606187b user: necrophcodr tags: trunk, v0.3
19:53 repo/index.cgi: Change title to "necrophcodr' repos". check-in: f57f1a496e user: necrophcodr tags: trunk, v0.2