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14:25 [9195035db0] Add utility library vivos as dependency for future use. Redefine _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700 and _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 200809L. Split compiled files into object lists instead of bins. Update SQLite3 configuration init to only create tables if they don't exist. Finalize scripting interface (!!!). Finish up C-based scripting interface based on TinyCC (system is still WIP though). Remove options module. Remove filesystem module. Add proper option parsing to main(). (user: mastersrp, tags: trunk, v0.3)
22:43 [37cfee9841] Rewrite Sourcefile from Lua to TcL format. Fix auto.def not exporting all variables, and spm.sh mode -x. Fix spm-minimal.sh.in template script not being ready for tcl. Add TcL to the list of dependencies to be fetched. Add TcL to the list of build dependencies in the src/Tupfile file. Add new rule to Tupriles for building with USE_TCL being defined (currently always on). Add TcL interp object to spm.c for parsing Sourcefile. Update tup.config.in template to use TcL instead of Lua. (user: necrophcodr, tags: trunk, v0.2, develop, util_git)
12:42 [4d873993b2] Leaf: Add configure section to pkg["spm"] in Sourcefile, to allow for configuration of this specific package. Update target 'configure' to call each pkg[] .configure function. (user: tcg.thegamer@gmail.com, tags: trunk, v0.1, util_git)