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A number of prebuilt binary packages are available for the major platforms.
These packages have been compiled against Tcl 8.6.
TclRAL also has a TEA compliant build scheme and cloning the repository
will give you access to all the source. Building is the usual configure,
make scheme.

  *  [/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/build/x86_64-linux-tcl8.6/|Linux 64-bit, Tcl 8.6]
  *  [/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/build/macosx10.10-i386-x86_64/|Mac OSX 10.10, 32 and 64 bit]
  *  [/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/build/x86_64-win64-tcl8.6/|Win 64, Tcl 8.6]
  *  [/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/build/ix86-win32-tcl8.6/|Win 32, Tcl 8.6]

[/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/doc/HTML/toc.html| Man page documentation]
is also available.

The companion package, ralutil, is a Tcl only package that provides a set of
convenience procedures.

  *  [/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/ralutil/|ralutil package]
  *  [/doc/VERSION_0_12_2/ralutil/doc/ralutil.html|ralutil manual]

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