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14:34 Archive package files for linux x86_64. check-in: 63d4cf2042 user: andrewm tags: trunk, mpssespi-1.0
03:40 Documentation clean up and adding files. I'm calling this beta 2 but expect few changes before an "official" 1.0 release. check-in: 1f8119e942 user: andrewm tags: trunk, mpssespi-1.0b1
22:09 Release of pycca revision 4.1 technote: [c3fb291e05] user: mangoa01 tags: Release
01:38 Release of tack 3.3 technote: [5d44aa52a4] user: mangoa01 tags: Release
19:11 tack revision 3.0 released technote: [1c17c1aa86] user: mangoa01 tags: Release
18:36 Project file churn. check-in: c061a9c484 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-2-0
18:36 Project file churn check-in: ba0ea497c2 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-4-0
02:01 Another minor correction for version 3.3. check-in: 69d3509a0d user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-3-3
14:29 Change log for version 3.2. check-in: 124d0cc7b5 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-3-2
00:20 Correct a problem introduced in version 1.4 in determining if there isan empty instance slot.Also corrected version number in output file and copyright notice. check-in: 273827a504 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-5
23:30 Added functions to make it possible to determine if mechanisms callsthat consume resources would fail or not. This prevents certain types ofsystem interactions from causing fatal system error which typicallyreset the system.Also removed default "weak" definitions for "sysDeviceInit" and"sysDomainInit()" functions. These are now external and applicationswill just have to supply them. check-in: ac5687e20b user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-4
14:23 Changing version numbers in packaging project files. check-in: d1b9025c78 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-3-1
15:35 Added a number of attributes and number of classes define for the "-ids"output. Needed to be able to do reasonable error checks. check-in: bc4bfad74d user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-3-0
19:08 changes for revision 2.7 check-in: e48fbfcbd3 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-2-7
21:54 Release of version 1.3. Changed the anonymous union in "MechEcb" tobe named. This was giving some compiler complaints. Also several smallcorrections were made to the text and various Makefiles. POSIX buildfiles were brought up to date with latest glibc test feature macros. check-in: 348c22e226 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-3
21:42 Last changes before release 2.6 of pycca. check-in: 2e13349591 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-2-6
22:55 Corrected a problem in the tracing of creation events whereby thetrace data contained the same value for both the newly created instanceand the class of the instance. The original code sequence ignored thefact that the target instance and target class are part of a unionin the ECB. check-in: dea98db262 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-2
18:02 Final changes to incorporate MSP430 variant into STSA. check-in: 7a703090bc user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-1
22:28 *** empty log message *** check-in: a4bc5fab90 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-2-5
14:16 Corrected a minor Tcl coding error in the parser thenspecifying the default transition as "CH". check-in: 29ebdf9387 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-2-4
22:14 Updates in preparation for version 1.0 release of the STSA literate program. check-in: 2da3483a76 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-0
01:07 Revision 2.1 of the windows project file. check-in: 15d284fa43 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-2-1
01:40 Added the ability for prolog and epilog statements to be cumulative.This is useful when separating out an instance population from theremainder of the class definition as certain interface encodingsare usually population dependent. check-in: d6652d4b5d user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-14
18:29 Clarified the synchronous instance creation.Added a "StateNumber()" macro.Corrected doc errors for "PYCCA_selectOneWhere()". check-in: fc2af15d1a user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-13
21:53 Added additional syntax to be able to control how the array ofinstance references is generated for multi-ref constructs. Now"->>" or "->>n" generates a NULL terminated array and "->>c" generatesa counted array with a count member placed in the class structure.This helps in managing these types of references. Changes arebackward compatible to the existing syntax. Also added the abilityto put an option "code" block with a domain operation that ispassed along to the interface header file. This is meant to helpdocumenting the domain operations and having that documentation passedout to the header file. Updated the docs for the new changes. check-in: f24c0a0b94 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-12
20:21 Corrected several problems with references to constant class populationssuch as multi-refs for 1 to many references. Also improved thediagnosis of when the "self" variable needs to be declared in anaction. Now we are also looking for the "PYCCA_" macro invocations. check-in: c9d8d47e40 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-11
20:34 Update for version 1.10Added "-rdonly" option to set generated files to read only.Improved the error behavior when instance definitions referencesubtypes that don't exist.Changed the setting of an initial state for supertypes to avoidcompiler complaints.Changed the matching for "self" to attempt to remove extraneous"self" variable declarations when it is only the comments that referto self and not the code. Still not fool proof. check-in: d48f19eafc user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-10
20:18 Added a "population" statement to control the storagecharacteristics of the class storage pools. Nowinstance populations may be declared as "static","constant" or "dynamic" and pycca will place thepool in the appropriate type of memory. The"constant" qualifier on the class statement has beeneliminated and this will break any code usingthat qualifier. check-in: 6ab4cb9ab0 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-9
17:33 Corrected a problem when emitting an error message for polymorphicevents that are not properly consumed. check-in: 540b851e14 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-8
14:14 Up version number in preparation for release. check-in: 0f4b29bcfc user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-7
19:02 Added new macros, PYCCA_selectOneInstWhere() and IsInstInUse() to makeblind selection of instances easier. check-in: a15f35cc93 user: mangoa01 tags: trunk, version-1-6
21:01 Initial import into Sourgeforge. Leaf check-in: 0a5cec312d user: mangoa01 tags: GAM, Initial