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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

22:25 [82c3555153] Leaf: Release of version 1.1.3 of micca. Added revision history entry to literate program document. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.1.3)
20:00 [30f863c0d0] Updated package file to 1.1.2. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.1.2)
22:35 [8112f17a7c] Folding micca-develop branch onto trunk. Release of micca version 1.1.1. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.1.1)
21:37 [9f4dd0f85f] Release of version 1.1 of micca. Merged development branch back onto trunk. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.1)
00:15 [fa1cd18f91] Release of micca version 1.0.2. Clean up of some run time declarations and include file orderings. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0.2)
00:33 [a5d2150243] Committing rosea 1.8 package for release. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.8)
18:23 [3422e6b5b2] Release of micca 1.0.1 for all supported platforms. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0.1)
22:28 [6dea7e7964] Changed revision history in literate program document to match 1.0 release. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0)
23:33 [37bc4102c9] Merging latest rosea development onto trunk. Release of rosea version 1.7. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.7)
22:13 [979d16c294] Corrected revision log for micca documentation. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0b5)
00:42 [46ccac9567] Merging micca development onto trunk. Release of micca 1.0b4. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0b4)
00:05 [178d8e4ddd] Merge micca development back onto the trunk. Release micca version 1.0b3. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0b3)
00:07 [55c9786d2a] Committing micca version 1.0b2 documentation. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0b2)
17:29 [3b358a00fd] Release of 1.0b1 of micca (user: andrewm, tags: micca-1.0b1)
00:04 [603ade7deb] Release of 1.0b1 of micca. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0b1)
19:24 [048596457d] Build micca 1.0a2 for macosx. (user: andrewm, tags: micca-develop, micca-1.0a2)
19:03 [69e7e996bc] Merging micca development onto the trunk. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, micca-1.0a1)
19:28 [8c828e6d0a] Correct a problem in rosea with output of the error message when navigating a generalization to a subclass that does not exist in the generalization. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.6.4)
22:51 [5543d8a9bb] Corrected a problem with subtype migration. The migrate procedure contained an extraneous "relvar eval" around the delete / create sequence. This was removed as transaction boundaries are set by the thread of control or a domain operation. Fixes d2ad5edf2d4678 (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.6.3)
19:02 [0f1d401a80] Release of 1.6.2 of rosea. Corrected error associated with finding unrelated instances and polymorphic events that are consumed at an itermediate level in a generalization hierarchy. Domain definitions are no longer cumulative as that could not be made to work well in the existing DSL scheme. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.6.2)
20:56 [447e4041b8] Literate program source changes for rosea revision 1.6.1. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.6.1)
00:33 [10d70c4404] Release version 1.6 of rosea. Added a "restore" command to populate a domain from saved data values. Added an "info" command for introspection. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.6)
18:32 [09308a0f0d] Committing module package file. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.5.1)
22:57 [608c80268d] Release rosea 1.5. Added system supplied default attributes and default attribute values that are generated from a command. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.5)
01:15 [01a69c99c1] Added new function, "limitRef" to rosea to make translating "select any" constructs easier. Checkpoint on mellor / balcer example. Getting ready to release example. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.4)
21:20 [adb3340e70] Corrected a problem with associative classes that also have state models. Previously, the current state instances were not being created properly for this case. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.3)
23:05 [da88264617] Corrected problem that masked error that might occur when state activities are executed. Corrected the interface for the instance reference set operations. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.2)
21:50 [78d069df47] Release of ROSEA 1.1. This changes the semantics of creation events to defer the associated class instance creation until the time the event is actually dispatched. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.1)
19:13 [0bcd0ab1c5] Update to rosea literate program document revision history to reflect release 1.0. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea_1.0)
15:35 [a11d222796] Release of rosea 1.0b1. Added documentation and tangled source to the repository. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea-release, rosea-1.0b1)
15:01 [6db1a31720] Corrected problem with the tunnel command. Tunnelling needs to happen in the context of a "relvar eval". (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea-release, rosea-1.0a7)
15:15 [04367d85a3] Releasing 1.0a6 of rosea. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea-release, rosea-1.0a6)
23:00 [16d6f2610e] Pulling latest rosea release onto the trunk. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea-release, rosea-1.0a4)
23:55 [e220345ee3] Release of rosea 1.0a3. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, rosea-1.0a3)
14:04 [9c48fce861] Rolling out 1.0a2 as essentially feature complete but with much writing remaining on the literate source. (user: andrewm, tags: rosea-release, rosea-1.0a2, rosea-develop)
00:38 [59c2641b06] Release of 1.0a1 of rosea. (user: andrewm, tags: rosea-release, rosea-1.0a1, rosea-develop)
14:11 [dce61269e1] Corrected a problem resolving non-qualified class names when traversing a partition relationship. Release of version 1.0.3 of stsatcl. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, stsatcl-1.0.3-release)
03:28 [12db3c73fa] Corrected a problem with the packaging for version 1.0.1 of stsatcl. This is now release of version 1.0.2. Corrected a number of misspelled words in the document. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, stsatcl-1.0.2-release)
14:36 [9785cfc2f9] Release of version 1.0.1 of stsatcl to correct some minor errors. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, stsatcl-1.0.1-release)
00:21 [5137d6b332] Removed the "alpha 2" designation on stsatcl confirming 1.0 release of the package. (user: andrewm, tags: trunk, stsatcl-1.0-release)