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The links provided here are directly to Tcl module package files.
These packages may be installed directly into an teapot, assuming your
Tcl installation includes an Active State teapot.

  *  [MiccaDownloads | micca translation tools]
  *  [/doc/trunk/packages/|moore package]<br>[/doc/trunk/moore/doc/moore.html|Moore Package Manual Page]
  *  [/doc/trunk/packages/|mealy package]<br>[/doc/trunk/mealy/doc/mealy.html|Mealy Package Manual Page]
  *  [/doc/trunk/packages/|oomoore package]<br>[/doc/trunk/oomoore/doc/oomoore.html|OOMoore Package Manual Page]
  *  [Aweb Downloads|atangle and aweave literate programing tools]
  *  [/doc/trunk/packages/ | stsatcl package]<br>
[/doc/trunk/stsatcl/doc/stsatcl.pdf|stsatcl Literate Program Document]
  *  [/doc/trunk/packages/ | rosea package]<br>
[/doc/trunk/rosea/doc/rosea.pdf|rosea Literate Program Document]<br>
[/doc/trunk/rosea/doc/rosea.html|rosea Package Manual Page]
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