Update of "Twisted Mixing"
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Artifact ID: 75a0016ca630c2904c214d5e8d4c2d164d125cb4
Page Name:Twisted Mixing
Date: 2013-06-16 09:37:19
Original User: lvh
Parent: e7e399848d19f17e36e72432b7e798def521c59f

A presentation on mixing Twisted with other tools, with demos.


This repository hosts the latest version of the slides, which should work in any modern browser.

Basic instructions:

When served from a web server or locally over a file system, clicking on the video links in the presentation will play the video in a modern browser. Fossil doesn't serve the videos with the appropriate content type, so you get a download dialog box instead. A patch has been filed upstream.

The talk slides are built using org-reveal, which produces reveal.js presentations from org outlines.

Example code

The examples are all provided as Python packages in their own folders. They come with README files explaining their use.