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Artifact ID: 65931588663b5df9dffdf96b314eeafa479dbca8
Page Name:home
Date: 2010-10-25 23:18:11
Original User: ludo
Parent: 842d7edfcc539f2db61a0a36ee79a954f84fee20


Welcome to the home of Yet another python api wrapper.

This project started out as experiment after playing with the other two python api for and realizing they don't have support for Movie.browse.

Please note this project is in its alpha stages. But I'm trying to document it as best as possible so if you do not understand anything please create a ticket(you will need to login as anonymous) and I will try to document it better.

You can download the first version that only retrieves XML here. The file can also be executed as a shell command or checkout the latest files.