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Artifact ID: fffecb8bca447434a438f0b587a6babd5e6e5aea
Page Name:Chicken-IUP-ARM
Date: 2018-07-11 03:32:24
Original User: matt
Parent: 1a00e867f1d27a37763282b3f69047191527984b

Chicken Scheme With the IUP Gui egg


  1. Install the GNURoot Debian package from Google Play.
  2. Get the unversioned files and untar in /. http://www.kiatoa.com/cgi-bin/fossils/opensrc/uv/pkgs/chicken-iup-arm-rasbian-06-08-2018.tar.gz. NOTE: For GNURoot you'll need to install libpng16: http://www.kiatoa.com/cgi-bin/fossils/opensrc/uv/pkgs/libpng16-from-raspbian.tar.gz
  3. To start up csi or compile code first source /opt/chicken/4.13.0/setup-chicken4x.sh

To build from source you can use the chicken-installall.sh script from http://www.kiatoa.com/cgi-bin/fossils/opensrc/dir?name=utils. I couldn't get it to work on GNURoot but you can build on Raspbian and copy the files to GNURoot.