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Miscellaneous Open Source Bits and Pieces

Mostly stable and usable projects

These are found in this fossil repo under directories by the given name.

  • histstore - do you routinely work with long, complicated, obscure command lines across lots of different machines? Histstore makes it really easy to capture and organize those commands reducing or eliminating the need to re-research the syntax and usage.
  • iupexamples - handful of examples for Chicken Scheme + IUP GUI.
  • margs - Matt's minimalistic argument handler, used in Megatest and other projects.
  • qtree - quad-tree implementation
  • voter - tool to implement approval voting polls as a command line application from Unix. Relies on being setup setuid.
  • pkts - shar1 signed data snippets, similar to what the fossil source code management tool uses. Used in Megatest. Moved to http://www.kiatoa.com/fossils/pkts
  • dailycurse - generate colorful insults, mostly safe for work but some might push the limits.

Projects in Various stages of development

  • NEW project Oct 2017: a3d code 3d designs and target openscad and povray simultaneously.
  • mfind - Scan directory trees and create an sqlite3 indexed database of files and paths. Similar to locatedb.
  • netlistdb - import Verilog netlists into sqlite3 relational database
  • vcd - log data to a Value Change Data file, there are viewers that can open vcd files. Verilog simulators usually support the VCD format.
  • cvrg - code coverage database, manager and viewer. Not usable, needs IUP code updated.
  • teleprompter - slow scrolling teleprompter, run in an xterm with a large font.
  • geolib - collection of geometry functions.
  • mutils - hierarchial hash implementation. Better to use the one in common.scm in the Megatest code.
  • textcalc - Insert math into your ascii documents. Uses sqlite3 files to keep the values sticky making circular dependencies workable.
  • xfig - generate xfig files.

Other projects: