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Artifact ID: 54c41ea5a588e4cbeeb4b2eb347c1741968aaaf3
Page Name:example command file
Date: 2011-03-14 02:46:02
Original User: matt
;; first ensure your run at least started
(trigger "Init"     #/This is a header/)
(trigger "InitEnd"  #/^\s*$/)
(section "Init" "Init" "InitEnd")

(trigger "Body"     #/^.*$/) ;; anything starts the body
;; (trigger "EndBody"  #/This had better never match/)

(section "Body"     "Body" "EndBody")

(trigger "Blah2"    #/^begin Blah2/)
(trigger "Blah2End" #/^end Blah2/)
(section "Blah2"    "Blah2" "Blah2End")

(expect:required in "Init"  = 1 "Header"      #/This is a header/)

(expect:ignore   in "Blah2" = 1 "FALSE ERROR" #/ERROR/)
(expect:error    in "Body"  = 0 "ERROR BLAH"  (list #/ERROR/ #/error/)) ;; but disallow any other errors

(expect in "Init"  < 1 "Junk"        #/This is bogus/)