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Store your command line history in a quickly searchable sqlite3 database. For those of us in the electronics design industry or anyone else who must remember long obscure and complicated command lines ...

<h3>Compile and install</h3>
csc histstore.scm -o hs
cp hs ~/bin
Set up some aliases
alias kh='history | hs -save'

> kh
Saving command lines to db...
saved 0 lines
saved 500 lines

Every once in a while when working type "kh" to store your commandlines.

Use "hs" to search. "%" is the wildcard:

How did i fix that problem in mythtv? 
> hs mysq%char%
mysql -u root -e 'alter database mythconverg default character set latin1;'
Z f07045efa6d442f927a1e3fe0be98689