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Artifact ID: 6812e11c8eeafb933ef4b27d2cfc8d4c60c50465
Page Name:Notes
Date: 2016-09-15 17:30:50
Original User: matt
Parent: a7e452f0a06c6c1b7fa412b74f2162a40414bf51

Server Implementation

Transaction aggregated writes seem to make a big difference:

INFO: (0) Max cached queries was    13
INFO: (0) Number of cached writes   17645
INFO: (0) Average cached write time 317.699518277132 ms
INFO: (0) Number non-cached queries 53475
INFO: (0) Average non-cached time   584.176661991585 ms
INFO: (0) Server shutdown complete. Exiting

v1.5418 profile

On 2016-09-15 17:30:50 UTC matt added:
Logpro new exit state of FAIL_RERUN, and support in Megatest for rerun N times.