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Artifact ID: 2875262350118feca0ac85f192c13bca17901d86
Page Name:Plan
Date: 2012-02-23 17:13:59
Original User: mrwellan
Parent: 5cbcb32f47556859be65fd725463ba70bad1be12



Port from Scheme to Bashdone
Adjust mv semantics to match Unix mvdone
Add -f to mv and rmdone (for mv)
Add ability to register areas where groups of fossil files are storeddone
Wrap clone and open into a single commanddone
Create new repo in specified areadone
Import existing repo into specified areadone
Unfold wrapped lines in timeline and leaves reportsdone
Default to allow-symlinksdone
Reduce noise in sync and update by removing non-essential output unless -v switch is presentnot completed
Search though all areas and get first found named repodone
Exit handling, need non-zero on appropriate failsongoing
Add -template switch to create repodone
Work around the file: clone bug where wrong user is default.done
Create ~/.fsl file if not already theredone
Test suitedone