Static link with musl libc

Edward Berner sends the following description on how to statically link Fossil using the Musl libc. See for the Musl Libc source code:

$ tar zxf musl-0.9.9.tar.gz
$ cd musl-0.9.9
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/musl --disable-shared
$ make
$ mkdir $HOME/musl
$ make install
# cd to a fossil source directory
$ PATH=$PATH:$HOME/musl/bin
$ cd compat/zlib
$ chmod +x ./configure
$ CC=musl-gcc ./configure --static
$ make
$ cd ../..
$ ./configure --with-openssl=none --with-zlib=compat/zlib --static CC=musl-gcc
$ make

After the [6e685da3904a3] check-in, the "chmod +x" step should no longer be necessary, though it is harmless to retain it.