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Fossil ISAPI Extension

This is Microsoft IIS 6/7 ISAPI Extension for loading fossil.exe az a CGI. The main goal of this project is to resolve Microsoft Windows lack of 'Magic Line' support (First line of script files) which makes IIS do not load fossil.exe CGI as well as Apache.

You need to copy fossil.exe into one your PATH folders so that by typing fossil in command line the executable loads and runs. Then, you must make your own CGI configuration file as like in Apache:

repository: path/to/fossil/file


directory: path/to/folder

Then, create a new Environment variable named FOSSIL_CONF pointing this file.

Set FOSSIL_CONF=path/to/cgi/file

Note: The true way of doing this is using System properties in Windows, since using set command, the variable is set only for the current cmd instance. Since you are using IIS and probably you need your repository to load at system startup, you must use a way to set the variable permanently. Use Systemproperties -> Advance -> Environment variables -> System.

Now just define a virtual directory or website in your IIS configuration, and simply add a new handler to you handler mappings:

Handler Mappings ->Wildcard Script Map -> executable: fossilisapi.dll (Name can be anything)

That is it!