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Artifact ID: 8e89202ffccaef294d0ab3989a961ecd275ff3b6
Page Name:JR
Date: 2014-04-21 16:30:13
Original User: jrtolle
Parent: 4a9030e1c6920be6e658c68ee287407798da83d7


Welcome to the base of my chiselapp repositories. For now, it is empty, but I will be putting general tips and documentation I have found useful in this repository and creating new repositories for projects.

todotxt-ps-cli - todo.txt in Powershell (with basic plugin architecture)
aria2-ps-cli control in Powershell

Please contact me, jr (dot) code (at) saintlyreverend (dot) com, with any questions and comments. Try to keep the complaints to a minimum.