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Page Name:MiniMagAsm
Date: 2016-12-23 20:38:53
Original User: johnfound
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This project is an ultra-lightweight content management system, implemented entirely in assembly language.

MiniMagAsm is portable CGI application, able to work on Win32 and Linux web servers.

The whole system is written entirely in x86 assembly language, using FreshLib - portable assembly language library and Fresh IDE with FASM compiler.

MiniMagAsm is installed and used as my home page CMS. You can see it in action on

Another site using MiniMagAsm is

In order to compile MiniMagAsm you will need the latest FreshLib, because the library is developed in parallel with MiniMagAsm and it uses some of the newest library features.

You can download FreshLib from Fresh repository. Check out the latest FreshLibDev branch.