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This repository contains the package FreshHelp.

FreshHelp converts HTML, LaTeX and TEXT files (with MiniMagAsm text markup) into .chm help files. Actually FreshHelp can process only HTML and MiniMagAsm (similar to markdown)files. From these files, FreshHelp will create all files needed for compiling .chm help file - index file, table of contents file, HTML files and the project file. The project file then have to be compiled with some .chm compiler. You can use Microsoft compiler (it is free) or CHMCMD compiler (included).

LaTeX files have to be first converted to HTML and then can be parsed by FreshHelp. FreshHelp also understands the index files created by the LaTeX compiler.

FreshHelp have versions for Windows and Linux.

In order to test it, run "example/compile.bat" or "example/" depending on the OS.

This package contains several programs from different authors and distributed under different licenses (all are free, open source though) Some of the tools are here only in binary form. If you need the source - you should check the web site of the author of the particular tool:

  1. chmcmd (chmcmd.exe) - .CHM compiler from the project Free Pascal. Versions for Linux and Windows. Distributed under GNU GPL. Look for additional information on:
  2. TTH - tool for conversion of .TEX files to .HTML Distributed under GNU GPL. I missed some features and FreshHelp uses slightly modified version of this tool. The modified C code is located in the directory: "tools\tth_C". Unfortunately, I can't compile this program for Linux, so the linux version is the original one. But there is a one detail about this tool. It is machine generated code. The original version is written in Flex and compiled to C. My modifications are on the C source, not on the original Flex sources which are not published. For additional information, look at
  3. As an example "Flat assembler reference manual" by Tomasz Grysztar is used in a form of LaTeX source file. I have the permission of the author to include this file in the package.
  4. The FreshHelp program itself is distributed under the terms of "Fresh Artistic License". Read the text of the license in the file: License.txt

Author of the FreshHelp is John Found.

(C)2012 John Found