How to install tisMacros.
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./configure --with-tcl=/pathToTcl/lib
make install

Note that --with-tcl option is needed. This variable should point to the location of the tclConfig.sh file in the Tcl installation folders. The path provided here is just an example.

Also note that there is no make step. This is because there is no build to do in the case of tisMacro.

In case you need to regenerate the configure files.

If, for whatever reason, you need to regenerate the configure files that are provided then you will need to have the tclconfig directory hanging from the root directory of tisMacro.

The reason for not distributing tclconfig is to avoid locking into a particular version of it.

You will find tclconfig here (compressed).

This one liner will set you up completely:

wget -qO- http://core.tcl.tk/tclconfig/tarball/tclconfig.tar.gz | tar xzvf -