This is a fossil repository for the sources of lua 5.3

As of October 2014, these sources can also be found at http://www.lua.org/work

However, when lua 5.3 will be officially released, they will probably be moved to the download area:

How to clone this repository.

You will need a fossil executable that has been compiled with ssl functionality.
Note: The binaries that can be downloaded from the fossil site do not by default support ssl.
You will have to compile fossil yourself, with the appropriate options to enable ssl support.

Use the 'fossil clone' command, with 2 parameters:

  1. the URL https://chiselapp.com/user/jfk/repository/lua53
  2. destination filename

The example below will clone this repository into a file "lua53.fossil"

        $ fossil clone https://chiselapp.com/user/jfk/repository/lua53 lua53.fossil

You can then access your local repository-clone with the 'fossil open' command.

        $ fossil open lua53.fossil