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Artifact ID: 755dfda390cef1ea1dfed962eb47809ab6b6a4fc
Page Name:P2Dgizmo
Date: 2012-12-04 10:49:00
Original User: jfk
Parent: 2f5b125a00b85c8e98aedf18abe486db5567e8ca


P2Dgizmo stands for Pulse to DTMF gizmo.

It is a device which teaches a Plain Old Telephone to "sing" modern DTMF.
The original ZIP-file can be downloaded here, and the author also has a demo video available on youtube

Notes -:- Software


Note: the schematics as shown below will not work on European telephone lines.
because European telephone lines do a polarity switch at the end of each call.
(This might be solved with a bridge-rectifier though)

(Click on the image below to get a bigger picture)