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This repository contains a [/raw/Assembler.exe?name=4b29ec5cbe167e6c407a3f057c22def520b28a80|command-line assembler], and a [/raw/MegaProcessor.exe?name=9b00b05ef17eb9ce8a720a2e7a128d3bd40bcf5b|simulator] for [|James Newman's MegaProcessor].

Currently (2015) the state of the simulator and the assembler are very much first-cut (November 2014).<br>
Both are windows programs. 

The simulator is runnable under Linux (in [|Wine])<br>
In the simulator, use "File::Load" to load an (intel-hex) image file.

The "Assembler.exe" seems to miss a couple of dependency DLLs.<br>
This repository also contains a command-line assembler implemented in [|Lua],<br>
but as of Sept 2015, that is stil a work in progress.<br>

<h2>How to get this software</h2>
First, get a working binary of fossil, either by [|direct download], or by compiling it yourself.<br>
(Installing fossil is one simple step. Put the fossil executable somewhere in your PATH.)

Then, create a directory to store the repository file, cd to this directory, and enter the following command...

<code>   [/help?cmd=clone|fossil clone] 'YourRepoName.fossil'</code>

This gets you your own copy of the repository. 

To access its contents, create a second directory in a location where you normally put the files that you work on,<br>
make that your current directory (<i>cd</i>) and enter the command...

<code>   [/help?cmd=open|fossil open] 'path/to/YourRepoName.fossil'</code>

This gets you a copy of the most recent files in your repository.<br>
You can work with these files, add changes and [/help?cmd=commit|commit] these back into your repository.<br>
From this point on, you can either continue development on your own, or push/synch the changes<br>
from your repository back into a centrally shared repository like the one on this site.<br>
(The latter choice requires some options and permissions to be properly set up)

[Programming Model]

[Instruction Set]

[Generating test data]
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