Wilson's Updates

Wilson's Updates


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Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013

Set up a local YCSB instance with a dummy database and tested by running a core workflow provided by YCSB N/A

Sunday, Feb 24, 2013

Did a bit of digging on basic usage for MongoDB. Got YCSB to work with MongoDB and successfully running all core workflows provided by YCSB on my local mongoDB instance. http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/

Saturday, Mar 2, 2013

Poked around EC2 control panel to get a better idea of how instances were configured and what options were out there. https://cpsc416.signin.aws.amazon.com/console

Saturday, Mar 9, 2013

Launched and configured 5 medium instances which will be used as the distributive environment to test the different databases. N/A

Sunday, Mar 10, 2013

Installed mongoDB on all 5 instances. N/A

Saturday, Mar 16, 2013

Began researching how to set up MongoDB in distributed manner. Looked into replication and sharding. N/A

Sunday, Mar 17, 2013

Successfully deployed 2 geographically distributed replicas N/A

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013

Successfully deployed 2 replica sets spanning 3 instances each, containing a Master, Arbiter and Slave N/A

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013

Successfully created a shard cluster with each of the 2 existing replica sets representing a shard. Set up MongoDB infrastructure to allow clear and easy configuration of replica sets and the shard cluster. N/A

Thursday, Mar 27, 2013

Tested limitations on workload capacities with the given instance size. N/A

Thursday, Mar 31, 2013

Updated shard cluster configuration with new shard key and inner architecture to avoid some errors and achieve minor optimization. N/A

Wednesday, Apr 1-5, 2013

Performed final benchmark runs. N/A

Wednesday, Apr 3/4, 2013

Worked on group presentation. N/A

Wednesday, Apr 8, 2013

Finished final group report. N/A