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Page Name:Jenny's Updates
Date: 2013-04-09 06:32:38
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Jenny's Updates


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Feb 26 Watched Netflix's presentation on optimizing Cassandra database on AWS. Took down notes of key features from the presentation. AWS re: Invent DAT 202: Optimizing your Cassandra Database on AWS

Mar 2

Read IBM's article on pros and cons of Cassandra. Consider the Apache Cassandra database

Mar 5

Read Datastax's whitepaper on benchmarking NoSQL databases to get an idea on how we should set up our benchmark. As well as other NoSQL benchmark/comparison blogs and posts. Benchmarking Top NoSQL Databases
CUBRID NoSQL Benchmarking Comparing Scalable NoSQL Databases

Mar 8

Started setting up YCSB and Cassandra on EC2 instance 1.

Mar 10

Ran core workloads on instance 1.

Mar 20

Successfully configured and started a Cassandra cluster with no replication, random partitioner. Configuration, output, token generation files.

Mar 25

Added custom properties to YCSB workloads and automatically save status log ti designated folder, which is then used for graph generation. Client.java

Apr 3

Helped with graph generation script. custom.js