Versions, milestones, releases

Welcome to the teve wiki!

On this wiki, you will find information regarding the teve repo. All information about the software is included in the repo itself.

Version numbering scheme

teve releases follow the semantic versioning scheme of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. This primarily means that

  1. the MAJOR version number is bumped whenever backwards-incompatible API (or CLI) changes are introduced,
  2. the MINOR version number is bumped whenever backwards-compatible changes are introduced,
  3. the PATCH version number is bumped whenever backwards-compatible bug fixes are introduced, and
  4. during development under the 0 (zero) MAJOR version number, anything might change at any time, despite the above.

Milestones and releases

Milestones are named after MAJOR.MINOR releases. Every planned milestone is listed on the Roadmap page on this wiki.

In addition to what follows from the semantic versioning scheme, a MINOR bump is only allowed when all unresolved issues connected to the corresponding (bumped) milestone are tagged as bugs or questions.

In other words, x.x.0 releases are feature complete, but might still have known bugs. In x.x.1, no new features has been introduced, but some of the known bugs are gone.

Release lifecycle

At any given point in time, there are at least two branches considered active:

  1. The master branch, where all code ready for testing goes.
  2. The release branch, which contains the latest release.

When the next MAJOR.MINOR milestone is feature-complete (i.e. only bugs and questions are still unresolved) and considered usable, the current state of the master branch is merged into the release branch. The most recent commit in the release branch must always be a version bump.