Note: Development has been halted

Though this program is still useful to some lesser degree, development has been halted. There are nowadays perfectly good alternatives with larger feature sets and support for a vast amount of sites. Between youtube-dl and svtplay-dl, teve is not needed. Please use any of these programs instead.

This repository will remain online for now, but will eventually be removed.

What it is

[t̪eːveː] is a command line downloader for a handful of Swedish TV sites. It is written for CHICKEN Scheme and usable as a stand-alone binary, interpreted script, embedded library or as a backend for other scripts. The source is free and open (ISC licensed).


There are other programs and services which does similar things. The aim of this project differs from most others in several aspects:

Getting started

Clone or download the source code and parse through the included README file. You might also find the wiki helpful. These pages, for example:

How to contribute

teve is developed on spare time. You are welcome to contribute through donations, coding, finding and reporting bugs, writing guides on how to use the program or documenting the workings of currently unsupported sites for later implementation into teve.

Further instructions on how to help will follow—later. For now, send an email to jesper@huggpunkt.org or visit the above mentioned BB to get in touch.

Why the untypable name?

[t̪eːveː] is (in IPA notation) how to pronounce the Swedish word ”teve”, which unsurprisingly means TV. (It's fine to just write "teve".)