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Plans change, and this is what they currently look like. For more information on versioning, please see the wiki page [Versions, milestones, releases](wiki?name=Versions%2C+milestones%2C+releases).

# Milestone 1.0: First release

Formerly "version 0.3". First release intended for every-day use.

Planned features:

* Windows support, including binary distribution
* Configurable channel presets
* Support for extra download sites via third party web programs and services, like:
  * youtube-dl
  * PiratePlay (local installation)
  * PiratePlay (web API)

# Milestone 1.1: Subtitles

Formerly "version 0.5". Planned features:

* Subtitles download and playback support for all supported sites, including subtitles found by external programs.

# Milestone 1.2: Standalone downloading

Formerly "version 0.4". Planned features:

* Complete (internal) video/audio download support for SVT, TV3, TV4, TV6, TV8 and UR.
* Enables direct playback without prior downloading on *nix platforms.
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