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11:11 [f5d39f23eb] Any projects started now are (c) 2016 (user: jesper, tags: v1.3.3, trunk)
22:47 [ab06ca00c5] bump to 1.2.0. * Added the procedure platform:assert-version * User programs can now supply a default config atree to config:init (user: jesper, tags: v1.2.0, trunk)
13:31 [4ecc77e302] add loa-ref and make-loa-ref, two accessors for alists in lists of alists. (user: jesper, tags: v1.1.0, trunk)
10:28 [3dc7700390] First full commit of scheme-base. Usage: 1. Put the files in this repo in base/ in your src directory. 2. Copy base/templates/* into your src directory. The executable or script file name will affect configuration environment variable names and filenames, so either rename "bootstrap.scm" or include it from your main file. You do not have to keep "build-system.scm" as a separate file, though it helps in large programs. Naming in prelude.scm has changed from the previous version in the scheme-prelude repo. These changes breaks backward compatibility. There are two (semantic) version numbers in this code. One is for the program supported by base, and the other is for base itself. (user: jesper, tags: v1.0.0, trunk)