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Support for XDG base directory structure
User & Date: jesper 2016-04-18 10:20:44

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    The XDG Base Directory structure should optionally be used.

    Loris does not create configuration files, and thus, does not stipulate where they must be. Under *nix systems, the first file existing file out of the following file paths is sought out and used to construct the config object.

    1. A path specified by the `PROGRAM_NAME_RC` environment variable, where PROGRAM_NAME is constructed from the program name set with config:init.
    2. `$HOME/.program-filename/config`
    3. `$HOME/.program-filenamerc`

    The most simple way to implement XDG base directory support would be to add an additional step between 1 and 2, checking for `$HOME/$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/program-filename/config`, where $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to `.config`.

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