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This library is being reworked.


* Procedures and syntax in misc and convenience can roughly be divided
  into the following categories:
    - Assorted sugar (primarily syntax definitions)
    \--> Move into convenience
    - alist, atree and loa procedures and syntax (data-structures)
    \--> Move into (new) data-structures library
    - sxml helpers (somewhat interwoven with data-structures above)
    \--> Move into (new) sxml wrapper library
    - String manipulation
    \--> Move into (new) string library
    - One list manipulator (filter-duplicates)
    \--> Move into (new) list library OR into convenience.
* Implement optional arguments lambdas with case-lambda
* Check dot-locking, platform and config objects for introduced bugs
* Import and adapt the network module ("fetch") from teve
* Separate the caching mechanism from teve network module or use one
  of the others laying about (perhaps the sienna code).
* Implement a build system. There are scheme-based make facilities available.


* Convert from Chicken modules to R7RS libraries
* All dependencies outside R7RS small and a few select srfi:s has been
  removed, except from the platform library.
* Procedures and syntax has been moved from other files (misc.scm,
  foremost) into the following libraries:
   - version