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Are Early Reflections desirable for late reverberation?

My interest and research on the perception of acoustic spaces - Early Reflections in particular - is reflected on a new subpage: psychoacoustic.html.

New slope matching algorithm

New slope matching algorithm for zita style fdn’s. I worked extensively on slope matching allpass filters and ended up using the (expensive) quadratic equation to solve x = g∕(1 g2) :


where d is the distance from the sound source; t1 and t2 are reflections.

A possible approximation, which proved to be useful in many contexts would be:



Release Candidate: Urban Reflexions Ambience Hall II

19:54:52 [df7c71aeed] compiled /initrd/mnt/dev_save/dsp/rdk/zita_uref/zita_ext3uref.dsp to zita_ext3uref_m8m.dll using f2w32vst. basis for release. compiled linvst. (user: root tags: www)

This is the core blockdiagram: PIC