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Artifact ID: 100dac7a6ea19a58c1cf7a82fbc6be250213cb51
Page Name:gaedeferred
Date: 2010-10-24 01:54:37
Original User: yusuke
Parent: e5c6dbd9f8b0ee6ebec6f32b9f8f7f7873ded30e

What's this

gaedeferred attempts to make deferred chain on Google Appengine. The design of the deferred chain is inspired by Twisted. Because of no support for callback and errback on taskqueue.

How to use

First of all, please ensure that the google library exists on sys.path. Then follow bellow steps::

    >>> from google.appengine.ext import deferred
    >>> from gaedeferred import Deferred

    Setup test environment. (These steps are meanless for actual use, just for doctest)
    >>> import sys
    >>> sys.path.insert(0, '.')
    >>> from tests.test_deferred import value, increase, must_be
    >>> from tests.conftest import mimic_defer
    >>> deferred.defer = mimic_defer

    >>> d = Deferred(value, 5)
    >>> d.addCallback(increase, 10)

    An alias exists for addCallback
    >>> d.next(must_be, 15)

    The deferred to be executed on an asynchronous task.
    >>> deferred.defer(d)