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Artifact ID: 38fc651e34a568fc14db8b97d9aefd70f273a6e1
Ticket: 675ca6cd7f021ee76a8c3091c9b9bbd16c067773
Crash at end of analyzing list of files
User & Date: jarcher7 2010-11-04 15:21:53

  1. Change comment to:

    The AnalyzerProto app crashes at the end of analyzing a set of images. The count of images is logged to the event list.

  2. Change private_contact to "ccb0dbc248d6439bd778082a26c51895fbd8366a"
  3. Change severity to "Critical"
  4. Change status to "Open"
  5. Change title to "Crash at end of analyzing list of files"
  6. Change type to "Code_Defect"