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Artifact ID: 0273254a1e4970f56bebd8ffbc21b02f462a9fe7
Page Name:zarfy
Date: 2013-12-22 14:40:45
Original User: jamesbond
Parent: 30618ce93e490c0050dce2104875eee3869b1c79

zarfy is a gui to libxrandr. It presents the user with a visual representation of active displays on an interactive map of the screen memory. It features free postioning, configuration saving, scripting for R&R, and an alternate gui for switching monitors.

This repository is a fork from its original as used in Fatdog64, and will be updated as often as needed. The initial commit is based from version 0.10.

Zarfy was created by Jim Allingham and is licensed under GNU GPL Version 3.