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What is it?
Xarchiver is the ultimate solution for handling archives on Linux and FreeBSD.
It's a Desktop Environment independent archiver frontend. All common archive
types are supported. RPM and DEB packages are handled without their package
managers. To run it you only need GTK+2 libraries and obviously the various
rar, arj and 7z for these archive types. The package xdg-utils is optional but
installing it will enable Xarchiver to support more file types.

How to use it:
Please read the documentation accessible from the Help menu.

Donations will help me to improve Xarchiver always more. Also as a courtesy
toward contributors I will add their name and website within Xarchiver
in the next releases.

How to compile:
./configure --prefix=/usr

become root with command su
make install

Please report bugs to: http://bugzilla.xfce.org , registration is needed.
Suggestions and criticism please email me at <colossus73@gmail.com>

Giuseppe Torelli