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Artifact ID: 94960e99b3ed786519f9c6e753880e80cbfc8aa5
Page Name:PSIP
Date: 2015-05-31 05:07:40
Original User: root
Parent: ead032a24d03872723d1b39eb0172e0b51978851

PSIP (aka PuppyPhone) is a simple GTK GUI for pjsip SIP phone for Puppy Linux.

GTK version used for building: 2.18 (also works with 2.16).

pjsip version used for building: 1.10.

Other tools required: cJSON (included in tarball), and osxcart.

License: GNU GPL Version 3 or later.

More information about PSIP

Compiles into a single executable in "release" mode. Here is how to build it.

Binaries available here