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Ticket: 81e3ec6097bfc62d366ca2781fa3724826df042b
Problem with repository when using flint on windows
User & Date: james 2012-03-22 00:04:35

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    james added on 2012-03-22 00:04:35 UTC:
    Sorry I wasn't ignoring you, but for some reason the rss feed stopped notifying me.

    You are correct your chisel user is different then your fossil user. Chisel is just a way to serve up a number of fossil repositories you manage your fossil users independent of chisel, although when you create a fossil repo from chisel a default user is created for you.

    directory: ./ allows the single repository cgi script to serve all fossil repositories in the same directory as the script.

    It sounds like you've gotten things working so I'm going to close this ticket.

    If your changes aren't windows specific, feel free to open a new ticket and attach a patch and maybe I can integrate them with flint.

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