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The Elfsh branch is a fork of Eresi

The program doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, and there are a number of issues on my 32bit Linux box

* Doesn't compile when building for elf32 target
* Doesn't recognise the updated hash DT_GNU_HASH

Currently in progress.. See E2dbg for further progress.

7 Oct '19

Elfsh branch now compiles "out of the box"

configure --enable-32 --enable-readline --libasm-ia32 --prefix /usr/local
make install

cat hello.c --->

#include <stdio.h>

int glvar = 42; int bssvar;

int myprintf(int something) { int bssvar = 2;

old_printf("hello world .. bssvar = %d : globalvar = %d\n", bssvar, glvar); return 0; }

gcc -c hello.c

cat ./test.esh --->


load /usr/bin/nm
load hello.o
reladd 1 2
redir fprintf myprintf

elfsh ./

[*] Object saved successfully

hello world .. bssvar = 2 : globalvar = 42
'a.out': No such file