To install for windows

Download ActiveState's free Community Edition Tcl installer (includes the Img package):

Note that if you wish to install for 'all users' or install into C\:Program Files\Tcl, you must run the installer 'as Administrator' and provide the installation folder name.

To make a nice shortcut on your desktop or in your start menu, right-click Guide.tcl, drag to a folder and click 'Create shortcuts here'. Right-click the shortcut and select 'Properties'. Assuming you installed Tcl to C:\Program Files\Tcl, modify 'Target:' by inserting:

"C:\Program Files\Tcl\\bin\wish.exe"

prior to the full path to Guide.tcl. Be sure to enclose the path to wish.exe with double-quotes and separate from the original target with a space.

Click on 'Change icon...', browse to the folder containing Guide.tcl and select Logo.ico.

Click 'Apply' and 'OK'. Rename the shortcut to whatever you like.

To install for Linux

I've only tested this procedure on Ubuntu 14.04

Test to see if Tcl is pre-installed; type locate wish. Assuming you found it in one of the system directories, make sure that directory is in your PATH.

Type wish and you will get a "% " prompt.

Type set tcl_patchLevel
You will see a string of numbers such as "8.6.4". If the first two numbers are "8.6" or higher, continue.

Type package require Img
If you see a string of numbers (something like "1.4.3"), then the Img package is present and you are finished.

Type exit to quit the Tcl interpreter.

If your version of Tcl is at least 8.6 but you saw "can't find package Img", you will need to install the "Img" package. For Ubuntu, type:

sudo apt-get install libtk-img

If Tcl is not pre-installed or is not at least 8.6, you can download ActiveState's free Community Edition (includes Img package):

Then type (for example):

tar zxf ActiveTcl8.
cd ActiveTcl8.

When complete, add /opt/ActiveTcl-8.6/bin to your PATH.

To install for other unix variants

If your unix variant is not supported, you will have to do some research on your own. Perhaps your distribution has a package repository. If so, install Tcl and the Img package if possible.

If not, then unfortunately you will have to compile and install Tcl and Tk from source, and do the same for the Img package.

You can download the Tcl & Tk source here:

The Img package home page is:

To install for Macintosh

I do not have access to a Macintosh system. If Tcl is not already installed, you should try ActiveState's free Community Edition (I would guess that this also includes the Img package):

Download and install the Mac OS X package.

If you cannot install the ActiveState edition, then unfortunately you will have to compile and install Tcl and Tk from source, and do the same for the Img package. See above for the URL's to download the source.

How to Run the Location Guide

The location guide is the Tcl script Guide.tcl


Double-click Guide.tcl or the shortcut you created


chmod +x ./Guide.tcl

You might also create a symbolic* link in your bin directory:
ln -s <path to Guide.tcl> $HOME/bin/Guide
Assuming $HOME/bin is in your PATH, just type Guide.

* A hard link will not work; the program must be able to locate the directory containing Guide.tcl.


I suspect that wish Guide.tcl will work.


The font can be changed (up to a point). See the Options.tcl file.